Board of Choice:

Sims Snowboards - Juice 153, responsive in park as well as in powder.  


12 and 9, goofy, I think distance is 20.5 inches but not sure :) whatever feels comfortable, not too skinny and not splits either.

Other Sponsors:

Oakley snowboarding, Sims snowboards, CGhabitat gloves

Bread and Butter Trick:

fs boardslide and fs 7. Hmm swack 1 is one of my favorite as well.

Home Resort, Home Town, and Favorite Resort:

Just moved to Bend, OR, so I guess it will be mt Bachelor. Favorite resorts from last season are Copper mtn and Keystone. 

Years of Shred:

Darn it, it’s been 10 years already.

Social Media Handles:


Best Shred Trip You’ve Been On:

There’s been so many! Hah, one of the best was at Mt.Hood in the spring, that’s for sure. And also in Kirovsk and Sochi, back in Russia with my Russian homies.

Other Hobbies in the Winter:


Summer Fun:

Mtn biking, hiking, yoga, being a nerd and reading books.


Shout out to all my sponsors and friends who are always out there for me! And also to my mom and dad for putting up with me.