Board of Choice:

I typically ride a park deck on the day to day, but of course am always stoked to pull out the pow board when the time is right.


18 -18 and 21” apart, reg footed

Other Sponsors:

SnowVibes Snowboards, Launch Snowboards, Keep The Stoke, Get Rad Daily

Bread and Butter Trick:

Ha ha ha, BUTTERS, or any kind of weird hand drag type stuff

Home Resort, Home Town, and Favorite Resort:

I’m ripping at Northstar mostly these days but Mt Shasta always has a special place in my heart, also what I would consider my hometown. Favorite resort would be Jackson Hole hands down.

Years of Shred:

About 23 give or take some down time for injuries. 

Social Media Handles:

Best Shred Trip You’ve Been On:

I would say this past season where I grabbed my gear and my dog and spent close to 6 weeks traveling up and down the Rockies and Wasatch. Was a blast for sure

Other Hobbies in the Winter:

Snowboarding is life!

Summer Fun:

I took up downhill mountain biking this summer and fell in love with it. Other than that some climbing and trying to get on a buddy’s boat whenever I can. 


Never can forget about the folks, they have made me who I am and have shown me to pursue my passions and happiness, Mt Shasta Ski Park for letting me get away with too much when I was really starting to push myself, a particular doctor that saved my knee with some medicinal sorcery, and all the rad people I have met along this crazy snowboard journey over the past 23 years.