In 2003, baf WAX was developed by two friends who wanted to keep it simple: Create the best wax that doesn’t break the bank. We wanted to create a wax that was 100% environmentally friendly, while still providing the best performance.

After 9 years of testing our proprietary blend, we can guarantee that you will never ride faster on any other wax. Since it can be used as a hot wax or a rub-on, you have the ability of waxing on the go, essential for last minute touch-ups at the base of the mountain.  

Be your preference pow, big airs, rails, or good ol’ fashioned straight-lining, speed is key in getting the results you need!

At an affordable price, where could you go wrong? Invented by riders for riders, we at BAF understand rider’s needs and strive for excellence in our customer service, valuing each and every one of you!

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